Reinforcing Trust & Accountability in a Data-Driven Age

We are now in a data-driven economy. In answer to consumers’ increasing concern and scrutiny on how their data is being utilised and managed by corporations, data privacy and protection regulations around the globe are fast changing and expanding.

In order to ensure responsible and accountable data governance, Asia’s organisations are in the midst of building their modern data ecosystem – aligning people, process and technology - to future-proof their organisations against growing cyber threats and data breaches.

The inaugural Customer Privacy & Data Protection Asia Summit taking place in Singapore on 27-28 November 2018 will be your guide on ensuring data compliance in Asia featuring topics including the latest regulatory updates, effective data management strategies, incidence reporting, building cyber resilience and more!

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Key Themes Include:

Developing a Trusted Data Governance Ecosystem

Defending Your Data against Internal & External Threats

Effective Risk Mitigation & Data Security Strategies

Managing Data across Borders & in Cloud

Designing Compliance Processes & Implementing Effective Controls

Building a Sustainable Culture of Data Compliance

Why Attend Customer Privacy and Data Protection Asia Summit?

Build a trust-based relationship with your customers through data confidentiality, privacy and security

Maintain data integrity through effective data lifecycle management from data collection through to data storage

Strengthen your data compliance processes by leveraging emerging technologies such as AI and automation

Minimise data breaches and operational risks with an effective data governance framework

Network with Asia’s data protection and security leaders for best practices on ensuring data compliance amidst an evolving threat landscape

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